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choosing the right domain name Registering a domain name is easy

Buying a domain name is easy

Registering or buying the right domain name is not so easy

Deciding on the right domain name for your business, company, organization or brand is critical – and getting it wrong is easy

Finally … help is at hand  

A book on domain names that will help you get it right - over 160 pages of advice on choosing the best domain name for every kind of website 

It is independent advice – the book doesn't try to sell you anything [domain names or domain name registration, for example]  

It isn't a get-rich-quick scheme that promises to increase your income to a zillion dollars a day for just a few minutes work  

It just helps you pick the right domain name for whatever type of website you want to use it on  

This domain name book is written by an expert. Someone who was advising organizations on domain name selection back in 1996 while working with a company called domainnames.com [now that's a great domain name – there was an organization that practiced what it preached]

You can buy the book right now for around $20 (£12.99 in the UK), or even less in download format - that's no more than the cost of a domain name*

Not yet convinced? Take a look at these pages: [they open in new browser windows]

* OK, I know there are some cheap domains around, but you get my drift. I've priced the book at around what I pay for a domain from a reputable registrar.